FOAM Creators' Union


The FOAM Creators' Union (FCU) serves as the bones of the organization which we use to build bridges. Bridges, connections, and community are what we choose to use to create opportunities and success stories.

Our FCU contains Artists, Activists, Professionals, Innovators and Dreamers of the world, who choose to channel their time, talent, and energy towards consciously sustainable living. 

From real estate and small business resources, entertainment and food services, to health and wellness and more. We're a multi-platformed, cross industry group dedicated to conscious, creative and innovative advancement.

Community Service & OutReach

The FOAM Impact department is our street team for the communities of the world and serves as a bridge between problems and solutions. FOAM Impact is responsible for assessing and providing a voice for community/societal based problems, such as food deserts, pollution and unemployment. The Impact team builds the budgets and blueprints for change to create sustainable and ethical solutions.

FOAM Evolve

Education, Conversation & Innovation

The Evolve Team arranges educated panels, organizes workshops and creates partnerships. Armed with information, the Evolve Team uses innovation and determination to find and/or create the appropriate channels to carry out real world, real time solutions for our ever evolving world.

FOAM Solutions

Innovative & Ethical Services

The FOAM Solutions aids in freeing the creators of the world by increasing access and  affordability, knowledge and support. 

 FOAM Solutions provide artists and small businesses seeking creative, profitable and ethical marketing and management solutions while maintaining our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

FOAM Media Group

Entertainment & Technology

FOAM Media Group (FMG) serves the community through education, inspiration, empowerment and liberation. We address sustainability of self, each other, and our environment. FMG directly connects to and serves as a voice and outlet for the people. We use our media presence to present truth, and to empower, and to educate our audiences in areas that seem to often go missing or underdeveloped on current media outlets. i.e. love, unity, and art which inspire more positive and productive thoughts.

FOAM Sustained

Life/Style & Fashion

FOAM Sustained's mission is to revolutionize the clothing, textiles and accessories world by setting up a space for not only the conscious consumer but the conscious employer, artist, activist and professional. 'Sustained' sets out to educate and encourage ethical business, conscious art, innovative activism and self-empowering style within the fashion world.

    Our Agenda is Freedom.

    Our Method is Revolutionary.

    Office: +1 (929) 224-0954

    394 Broadway 5th FL | New York,NY 10013

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